Putting Greens & Artificial Golf Turf

Putting Greens

Our artificial golf turf is an ideal solution for golfers, whether you want to install a putting green in the comfort of your backyard, or you own a commercial property. With Arizona Luxury Lawns, you can install synthetic grass that looks and feels just like the ones professionals use. 


Our experts design synthetic grass with your preferences, skill level, and playing style in mind. Not only that, Arizona Luxury Lawns ensures that your greens are both beautiful and functional. We offer you a range of options to help transform your lawn into a golfer’s paradise.  

  • True bent grass putting green

  • Adjustable speed 9-13 on stimpmeter

  • Capable of holding shots for short or long distances

  • Custom design with tiers or undulations and brakes

  • Green and ready for play all year long

  • Simulated bent grass for putting greens

  • Professional, mobile design staff and installation crews

  • Long lasting and will not fade

  • Realistic and natural

  • Low maintenance

  • Made in the USA

With a synthetic lawn or artificial putting green from Arizona Luxury Lawns, you no longer have to worry about regular maintenance ever again. We ensure that with your new artificial golf grass, there are no chemical pesticides or fertilizers needed. Players won’t track mud, dirt, or grass clippings in your area, and there’s no waiting for the grass to dry after rain. Best of all, since bugs and other wildlife are not attracted to our putting green installations, the grass is absolutely kid and pet-friendly. 

How to Add Value to Your Property

No matter what type of property you own, it’s possible to add value through synthetic putting greens Arizona residents trust. This is because, in addition to being environmentally-friendly, synthetic grass is forever lush and trim. 
Why should a homeowner get putting greens installed in your yard?

Well, now you can practice from the comfort of your home. Adding this exclusive area sets your property apart from your neighbors and makes for the ultimate backyard experience. Develop and improve your short game without the need to drive to the closest range.

 For commercial businesses, Arizona Luxury Lawns holds a lot of benefits. Attract more customers, impress clients, and provide a better working environment for current employees. For corporations who want to restore the way they look, we can help. Golf courses can also revamp their space. For these projects, we take aspects of your current landscape in mind, discuss your preferences, and install the putting green, Ahwatukee residents will enjoy for years to come. 

With a natural appearance and a flair for style, our synthetic grass is also able to withstand harsh weather, heavy foot traffic, and regular wear and tear. Our eco-friendly options truly simulate the look and feel of natural grass. 

Cost Savings

A golf synthetic turf or athletic field delivers significant savings over the long term. Most will see a return on their investment with 3-5 years after installation. This is because an artificial golf green naturally saves money on water, landscaping, mowing equipment, thatching and seeding, and other ongoing costs as compared to a natural lawn. 

In addition to that, you may even be able to get synthetic grass rebates in Arizona! Give us a call and we can tell you about the available opportunities for receiving a rebate for your synthetic turf.

Advantages of Artificial Golf Turf in Arizona 

In addition to a fast ROI rate, there are many advantages in using artificial golf turf over real grass, including:

  • Extremely low maintenance

  • Prevents the formation of divots

  • Long-lasting

  • No bugs or pests

  • Players won’t track mud or dirt anywhere

A Typical Putting Green Installation

  • Professional, in-house installation crews

  • Owner on site to supervise installation

  • Proprietary installation techniques

  • Most projects installed in just 24 hours

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Superior customer care

At Arizona Luxury Lawns, we know that every project is individual and unique. However, there are some commonalities that make your development successful.

First, we compact the base 1-2 inches thicker than your standard base. For our DIY-ers, remember to always use road base first to compact and isolate putting green area only. Install 1/8 inch of silica sand on top of the compacted base layer. If you are using a Polyputt or Nylon putting green, set the cups at the grade level. If you are using a Trueputt product, set the cups 5/8 inch above the final grade level. Cut and shape the green and attached your fringe. Use a viber plate to distribute the sand infill into the putting green materials. A typical Nylon or Polyputt installation will take one day to complete, whereas a typical TruePutt installation will take two to three days to complete.

Tools of The Trade

Installing artificial turf involves careful preparation along with certain tools to efficiently execute a job. Arizona Luxury Lawns ensures that every tool we use is to the benefit of your project. A few examples include: 

•    Power Broom: A stiff bristled broom used to fluff turf back to its original state.
•    Compactor: A machine used to compact the surface of decomposed granite or base rock.
•    Water Roller: Used to smooth a putting green or increase the ball speed. It is a lawn roller filled with water.
•    Super Seamer Tool: This S-shaped tool creates a smooth surface that makes turf easy to seam pieces together. It alleviates the common synthetic turf "Mohawk effect" in four easy steps.

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Arizona Luxury Lawns has grass for every game and every golfer. We are proud to have worked with renowned celebrities such as Tim McGraw, Hugh Hefner, and Larry Fitzgerald who are very happy with their new synthetic grass. 
We are the most trusted for pro turf. AZ, for the best putting greens, Phoenix locals trust, Arizona Luxury Lawns is only a call away, get a free quote today: 480-991-0196.