Artificial Grass Installation Phoenix AZ

Artificial grass installation in Phoenix AZ and Synthetic turf installation is our specialty! Ever wonder how Arizona’s most trusted turf company goes about your artificial grass installation, Phoenix, AZ to Tucson? Whether you seek artificial turf for commercial or residential use, putting greens or turf for playgrounds and schools, you are guaranteed an excellent product to enjoy for years to come. Below, you can read about our internal process and how we bring quality, value, and service straight to your door. 
Best of all, every one of our products are made right here in the U.S. Arizona Luxury Lawns hand-picks certified products that are of the highest standard of the industry. 

Step 1: Pre-Installation


First, it is important to prepare your existing property for artificial grass installation, Arizona, which means removing any existing materials. This is because the initial demolition involves the removal of soil, weeds, or any substance above ground. 
This is accomplished by rough grading the area and uncovering everything underneath, including electric wiring, irrigation, pipes, etc. Arizona Luxury Lawns is sure to get a solid sub base for the project. In order to ensure that the irrigation does not turn off after installation, we cut and cap the valves. This will ensure the sub-base is not compromised due to accidental pressurization of existing line.

Step 2: Weed Prevention


Weed barrier is only applied if there is sod removal included in the overall project. This is an important step in order to prevent further regrowth or grass vegetation beneath the newly installed turf. The weed barrier is applied by our specialists in grass installation who use pre-engagement and granular weed barrier. This barrier prevents any growth from coming up from under the base and into the turf.


Step 3: Base Preparation

Gravel DG Mix: In the next step of grass installation, Arizona Luxury Lawns installs the base material. Typical base prep is 2-4 inches of compacted DG which allows for proper drainage. During this step, Arizona Luxury Lawns properly distributes and levels the base. Proper base distribution and leveling is to account for sloping away from living areas and towards the install drainage area. Proper base installation also ensures the turf will have the smooth level appearance upon completion of the project.

Step 4: Base Compaction

Compaction is accomplished by vibrating the DG. This establishes a solid base in which to drive the nails while installing the turf. Any additional leveling or grading can also be done at this time.

Step 5: Laying Turf

When laying turf, it is beneficial to find either a straight edge or two perpendicular edges for proper alignment. The team at Arizona Luxury Lawns squares off the turf in order to minimize cutting and fitting on all four sides. Once the turf is square, we secure the square edges with temporary nails to hold it in place while holding the opposite edges.

Step 6: Custom Fitting Turf

Next, we delve deep into the grass installation process by custom fitting the turf to your property. When trimming the turf to fit the area properly, we over cut the turf by one inch along the edges. This provides the excess turf necessary for tucking. We always cut the turf fatter just in case, as it can always be trimmed later. Once cutting, we simply line it up accordingly. Then we install nails every two to six inches along the edge and drive them down 3/4 of the way. Nails used in the field are applied as necessary to prevent the movement of the turf. As before, we then drive nails down 3/4 of the way. When finishing the nails, our experts separate the grass to avoid pulling down the blades with the nail. The nails are consequently hidden by the grass. We never drive the nails down too deep as it will cause dimples. 

Step 7: Tucking

Tucking involves hiding the edges of the turf against any hardscape or edging boarder by using a claw hammer. The side edges of the turf give it a good, clean, and plush look! 

Step 8: Applying Filler

In this phase, a power brush is used. The heavy bristled brush is used to pull against the grain of the grass, causing it to stand up in preparation for applying the infill. For your knowledge, this infill is not harmful to pets or children. We spread the infill evenly throughout the turf installation. This acts as a balance to hold the blades upright as well as holding the turf to the ground.

Step 9: Final

The final groom step involves power brushing the turf once again, lightly, to force the infill into the base of the turf for settling and optimal stability. And there you have it – custom artificial grass installation with our U.S. made products

The grass installation experts at Arizona Luxury Lawns are absolutely transparent about every step of our intricate process. Let our professionals come to you and install synthetic grass, Phoenix to Scottsdale. For any further questions or concerns about your commercial or residential property, such as “Can I lay artificial grass on soil?” feel free to give us a call at 480-991-0196. Schedule an appointment for your long-lasting artificial grass in Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas.