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Looking for artificial grass in Scottsdale for athletic fields?

Artificial lawns are not the the only thing we are good at! We are the only local company experienced and certified to install artificial turf for athletic fields.


Arizona Luxury Lawns is the ONLY artificial turf company in town that is experienced and certified for athletic turf installation. Our vast portfolio includes sports turf, football field turf, indoor soccer turf, and playground turf. In every single project, whether it is commercial or residential, our experienced team demonstrates quality of workmanship. Is artificial grass better than natural grass on the field? Read below to find out! 


As for the turf itself, our technologically advanced synthetic grass products feature built-in U.V. inhibitors. These U.V. inhibitors are incorporated will allow the yarn to hold color even in the harshest and sunny conditions. More than that, your choice of custom turf color is specially designed to last 10-15 years. Your team can choose a custom design, with both logos and lettering available! The possibilities are absolutely endless. Our best value artificial grass is perfect for: 

  • Football Fields

  • Soccer Fields

  • Baseball Fields

  • Training Fields

  • Training Centers

  • Versa Basketball Courts

Arizona Luxury Lawns offers professional, mobile design staff and athletic turf installation crews for your field. Our artificial lawns are green and ready for play all year long and work for collegiate, high school, and NFL compatible fields. As for athletes, they can greatly reduce the chance of injury compared to playing on an uneven natural surface. 

Our athletic field turf systems create the perfect surface for athletic activities. 

  • Green and ready for play all year long

  • Collegiate, high school, NFL compatible athletic surfaces of all types

  • Greatly reduce injuries caused by uneven playing surfaces

  • Professional, mobile design staff and installation crews

  • Superior drainage

  • custom design with both Football and Soccer markings

  • Logos and Lettering available

  • 24 hour access to artificial sports surfaces

  • Long lasting and will not fade

  • Realistic and natural

  • Low maintenance

  • Made in the USA

With athletic field turf from Arizona Luxury Lawns the reasons are endless. 

  • Only local company with real experience (3 Football, 2 multi-use, 7 Baseball Fields)

  • Completely integrated in house installation crews

  • Waiting for grass to dry is a thing of the past

  • Watering is eliminated

  • 24 hour access to field is standard

  • Mowing, edging and weeding are a things no longer required

  • Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are no longer needed

  • Bugs are no longer a problem

  • Bare or brown patches are no longer a problem

Artificial Installation Process

Synthetic grass in Scottsdale AZ installation can be basic, however, no two installs are done exactly the same way. There will always be unique situations for each case. Listed below is a standard process for our best value artificial grass: 

1.    Pre Installation: Remove existing materials and rough grade the area to create a solid sub base and uncover everything underneath, including electric wiring, irrigation, and pipes. Cap sprinklers at the pipe level to avoid any kind of leakage. Install bender board to provide a clean separation for plants and turf.

2.    Base Preparation: Install 1/2" or less crushed base to allow for proper drainage. Install this layer three inches deep. Distribute base and make sure it is level to account for any sloping areas. Install drainage area. A smooth base will account for the surface level appearance for the project.

3.    Compacting Base: Compact the base by vibrating, tamping, and rolling the gravel. This ensures the base is solid so that nails can be driven into the turf.

4.    Weed Retardant Layer (optional): The weed cloth layer prevents any growth from coming up out of the base through the turf. This layer is not recommended if the installation involves pet usage. Overlap weed cloth edges by six inches and secure with as many flat head nails as possible to prevent the cloth's movement. Trim the cloth to fit the area and leave a quarter inch gap along the hardscape or border areas to allow for easier tucking.

5.    Laying Turf: Find a straight edge of the turf or a perpendicular edge for alignment. Square to fit the area and minimize cutting and fitting on all four sides. Secure the turf edges with nails to hold it in place. Remember to soldier the turf towards your privileged viewpoint. In other words, consider the natural blade direction of the grass.

6.    Custom Fitting Turf: Over cut the turf by one inch along the edges to provide excess turf necessary for tucking. If there are doubts, cut the turf fatter than estimated, since it can be trimmed later. Use a seaming tool to seam edges together. Cut the seams in an S-shape to avoid the turf pushing up. Install nails six inches along the edges and drive them 3/4 of the way down. Remember to move the surrounding fibers with another nail or staple, then tap the nail head all the way to the backing. Use U-shaped nails for the seams to join the turf edges together.

7.    Tucking Turf: Hide the edges of your turf against the hardscape by using a metal bar known as a "wonder bar."

8.    Apply Infill: Use a power brush to force grass blades up in order for infill to be applied. Apply your specified infill layer. The infill layer acts as a balance to hold the blades upright and provides the turf with more weight.

9.    Final Groom: Power brush the turf once again to lightly force infill granules into the base of the turf. Remove any excess debris.

Past Projects

  • US Army football, soccer & baseball complexes, Ft. Huachuca Arizona

  • US Marines hand to hand combat training area, Luke AFB Arizona

  • Athletes Performance Center Football Field, Tempe

  • Tempe Diablo Athletic Training Field, Tempe

  • Precision Academy Multi Use Field, Phoenix

  • Youngtown Public Charter School Football Field, Youngtown

Knowing all this, there’s no question  that the best choice for Arizona weather is artificial grass. Scottsdale, it’s time to treat your sports team to the field they deserve. Whether you want turf similar to Phoenix Stadium grass, or want pristine Glendale stadium grass, contact Arizona Luxury Lawns in Scottsdale, Arizona for your professionally graded, American-made athletic field today at 480-991-0196.