Synthetic Turf Advantages

Is Artificial Grass OK for Dogs?

Is artificial grass ok for dogs? Yes, dogs and all other pets should have no problem interacting with artificial grass. Since manufacturers stopped making artificial lawns with lead traces there are no longer any potentially harmful chemicals or substances that pet owners need to worry about. The only exception would be if you’ve purchased a home that already had a previously installed artificial lawn from an older generation. If this is the case, we would recommend getting your lawn tested for lead levels. Not every lawn will have harmful concentrations, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Due to the nature of artificial grass, chemical treatment isn’t necessary to remove lingering bacteria. Your pets won’t find anything dangerous, meaning you don’t have to worry about letting them loose on an artificial lawn.  

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Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly?

All this talk of chemicals and compounds actually bring up a good point to consider when purchasing artificial grass. You might already be familiar with the heralded effects of artificial grass on the environment, but there’s a ton of information there waiting to be unpacked.

Holistically speaking, artificial grass has numerous advantages over traditional lawns. Namely, anything artificial will require much less maintenance. This means you won’t be using water, lawnmowers, trimmers, and other lawn care machinery that typically produce a sizeable carbon footprint. The water savings alone number in the thousands of gallons yearly, and for states like Arizona that experience droughts and dry seasons, the water saved can be used for other, more practical reasons.

With a lifespan of over 20 years, you’ll never need to use pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic fertilizers that are known to be harmful to pets.   

 Watch Out For The Temperature

If you’re already thinking about how to keep artificial grass cool, then you’re a sharp buyer.

Perhaps your only real concern when purchasing and installing artificial grass should be those hot, sunny days. Arizona is known for extreme summer temperatures, and this can affect the comfortability of artificial grass. While it won’t absorb heat to the same degree as asphalt or tiles, there is a possibility of the fake turf reaching a certain level that makes the surface uncomfortable, especially when compared to its natural alternative.

There are two very easy ways to get around this. One, you can simply run a little water over the artificial grass (one of the few times you’ll need to) and cool it that way, or install a backyard canopy or awning that will provide shade not just for the grass, but for yourself as well.

Receive Industry Leading Quality

At Arizona Luxury Lawns, we lead the industry in customer satisfaction with a 100% rate. Our certified products are all produced and manufactured in the U.S. using only the highest quality of recyclable goods. We have artificial grass installation Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding communities can trust and rely on for the highest levels of professionalism, satisfaction, and product quality.    

Contact us now, and get started on switching over to an artificial lawn.

Not Sure About Artificial Grass Installation?

Artificial grass installation is becoming an increasingly popular solution for those who are looking for synthetic lawns that look better for longer, with less maintenance and regular care. The advantages to artificial grass over synthetic turf are many, including longer life duration of lawns, less watering and mowing, eco-friendly design, and an ROI from lawn maintenance just three to five years after installation.

So where can you put astroturf? Anywhere you have a lawn! Read on to learn three of the most popular uses for artificial grass and start thinking about how synthetic turf could boost the look and life of your lawn.

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Discover 3 Great Uses for Artificial Grass

1) Residential Yards: Today’s homeowners are more inclined to choose products that are in line with their personal lifestyle and environmental responsibilities, which is why so many of them are swapping out their maintenance-heavy lawns with astroturf. Artificial grass benefits extend far beyond just having a healthy, green lawn all year round. Making the switch from real to artificial grass also means cost savings, water conservation, and easy cleaning, with the aesthetic appeal being just one more major advantage. Dog owners love how easy it is to clean fake grass, which can be rinsed with water, vinegar, and/or a mild detergent to get blades looking good as new.

2) Commercial Properties: 70% of a business’s water bill is typically relegated to outdoor water use. Cut down costs in a major way with artificial turf, which in addition to saving on water also requires significantly less maintenance to keep at its best. Artificial grass is a great option for a wide range of corporate sites large and small, including office parks and shopping centers. Some turfing tips to keep in mind for commercial properties: make sure the synthetic grass all follows the same grain direction to keep it looking natural, use a “pro” turf with a thicker face weight to handle wear and tear, and order more turf than the installed square footage so you have some extra for quick fixes if necessary.

3) Athletic Turf: From a big sports field to a small outdoor putting green, artificial grass is the best option out there for athletic turf. Keep your field ready for play all year long and reduce the cost and manpower needed to maintain the perfect surface. Arizona Luxury Lawns is the only locally certified company to install athletic turf, and has years of experiencing installing turf for sports fields, training centers, golf courses, and more.

Give your wallet – and yourself! – a break from routine lawn maintenance. Call Arizona Luxury Lawns for the best products and artificial grass installation in the southwest. Contact us today and find out just how easy it is to get the lawn of your dreams.