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The Arizona Luxury Lawns Difference

At Arizona Luxury Lawns, we believe that our customers deserve the best products and installation practices, which is why we only use 100 percent American-made artificial turf products in all our synthetic turf installations, providing our customers with a landscape that is built to last, without compromising on appearance. We are meticulous in selecting our product offerings so that we can offer our customers peace of mind and the assurance that your outdoor space will look impeccable for years to come!

With over 45 years of combined artificial turf installation experience, we have developed the expertise to know that product quality is essential to the longevity of any installation. Based on this expertise, we know that American-made synthetic turf is the only way to provide a finished result to our customers that doesn’t compromise on appearance or quality. While the competition may entice customers with lower prices, a general rule of thumb is important to remember with imported artificial turf: you get what you pay for.

Why Is Imported Artificial Turf Bad?

When pricing for artificial turf installation sounds too good to be true, it usually is. While the lower costs are attractive, the quality and integrity of the products do not hold up compared to American-made products, which hurts customers in the long run.

Imported synthetic turf is held to a lower quality standard than synthetic turf made in the USA. As a result, property owners that use imported synthetic turf can run into issues with their installation, such as fading, stretching, lumps, and shedding of synthetic turf blades – just to name a few.

How Is Imported Synthetic Grass Manufactured?

As testing guidelines are significantly more stringent for US-made products, finding toxic materials in imported artificial turf, such as lead or latex rubber compounds, is common. While these materials can make manufacturing faster, the resulting issues can present severe consequences.

With the high toxicity levels of lead and latex rubber compounds, these are a significant safety concern for anyone implementing artificial turf into their outdoor space, especially parents and dog owners. Moreover, these aspects also compromise the longevity of the turf, meaning that any money saved on the front end will be eliminated when the turf needs to be replaced sooner than its American-made counterpart.

A Deeper Look at American Artificial Turf

In order to qualify as quality, American-made artificial turf, the products themselves will have certifications from several rigorous third-party testing organizations that test for safety, toxicity and sustainability. These certifications ensure that any turf made in the USA meets the necessary standards of quality and provides property owners with invaluable peace of mind.

At Arizona Luxury Lawns, we only use the best synthetic turf products on the market – this means that our turf is lead-free, and we even have options that are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) for safety and protection from injuries. Our synthetic turf products are also ISO 9000 certified, a certification that is only awarded to companies that exhibit exceptional quality control, meaning that not only will your artificial turf landscape last, but it will also be non-toxic and safe for endless enjoyment for years to come!

American-made Hardscaping

With our expertise in the artificial turf market, we understand the importance of using American-made products across all of our services. With our hardscape services, we are proud to also offer American-made products and our sister company Luxe Lawns is dedicated to providing the same! We guarantee that all of our services are backed by American-made products that offer the best in quality and convenience.

At Arizona Luxury Lawns, we partner with you every step of the way, from material selection to project completion. During the material selection process, our customers have the opportunity to select their ideal pavers from our line of best-in-class American-made pavers, giving you the guarantee that not only are your products designed to be the best, but every dollar you invest in your outdoor transformation supports your local community!

Rather than take the risk on inferior materials, see the Arizona Luxury Lawns difference for yourself! We lead the industry by using only the best products and installation techniques, in addition to helping property owners in the Greater Phoenix Metroplex save time and money on maintenance in the process.

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“Arizona Luxury Lawns & Putting Greens was the only company that truly understood my vision and worked with me to create the project design. Then their installers got to work, installing paver steps, concrete curbing, and finally the new base and turf. When they finished, the space met all of my needs and has truly transformed the yard. My family, friends and neighbors rave about the change!”

Brad L. – Fountain Hills, AZ

“Chris and his team at Arizona Luxury Lawns did a fantastic job on my turf. Their communication and customer service was top notch and the end product was worth every penny! The financing they offered through their credit union connection had very favorable terms as well. Being the peak of summer I expected to not be able to walk outside barefoot but the turf is not too hot for bare feet or puppies! My dogs absolutely love the new yard and seem to want to spend more time out there than inside :) I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add eco friendly turf to their landscape design.”

Amie E. – Phoenix, AZ

“Love my new lawn. It looks fantastic. The team did a great job communicating the process and executing it. They were very professional and cleaned up everything around the area. They were prompt, courteous with an attention to detail, all at a reasonable price.”

Jarrett M. – Gilbert, AZ

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