Here’s Why Infill Is Absolutely Essential to Your Turf Installation

June 24, 2024

Infill refers to the tiny pieces of material that are added on top of your turf installation and settle between the blades. You may recognize them as the granular material you find stuck to your shoes after walking on a sports field or through a fitness center.

Artificial turf infill can be made out of everything from rubber to silica sand, but the role of every type of infill is the same: to preserve the lifespan of your turf installation. Ensuring proper infill levels has a variety of benefits. We’ve listed them below.

Infill Helps Your Artificial Turf Keep its Shape

While natural grass will become dead and brown after too much foot traffic, artificial turf resists these problems. However, it can become matted or warped – and that’s where infill comes into play.

Artificial turf infill lies between the blades, weighing it down and supporting the upright fibers. This ensures that no matter how much use your yard gets, it won’t begin to flatten out or lose its shape.

Proper Infill Levels Ensure Proper Drainage

Drainage is essential for synthetic grass; without it, your lawn will suffer from odors, mold, mildew, and even insect growth. Infill ensures good drainage by helping liquid materials flow efficiently through the backing material and into the earth below it. 

If you have pets, antimicrobial infill options are your best choice! These infill materials help to kill odor-causing bacteria, keeping your lawn clean and fresh even if your dogs use it as a restroom.

Protect the Backing Material of Your Turf Installation

The backing material of your lawn is essential to preserving the integrity of your landscape. Not only is it responsible for keeping the blades secured, but it must also be able to hold up to the elements and maintain consistent foot traffic. 

Infill creates a barrier between your backing and everything else. It helps keep your lawn flat and protects against breakdown from UV rays. Choosing an artificial turf installation contractor who pays attention to the details – like infill – will ensure you get the best possible ROI on your turf installation.

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