No Chemicals, No Problem: Why You Won’t Regret Switching To Non-Toxic Artificial Turf

June 24, 2024

Artificial turf installation has become one of the leading landscaping choices in Arizona, thanks to its lush appearance and low water use. These benefits are important, but they tend to overshadow one of the biggest reasons to install artificial grass: it’s chemical-free.

In the Arizona desert, natural grass requires a list of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and more – just to stay alive. We often don’t think about the consequences, but these formulas can impact everything from our health to the environment around us. Here’s how turf installation can help. 

Artificial Turf Installation Improves Your Carbon Footprint

Pesticides and herbicides sprayed onto your lawn don’t just stay there. When it rains, they run off into the water around your home and pollute the local ecosystem. This can disrupt the ecosystem and even harm wildlife.

Artificial turf stays pest-free and green on its own, eliminating the need for these formulas. Thus, you can enjoy peace of mind that your landscaping isn’t contributing to any environmental issues.

Synthetic Grass is Better for Your Family’s Health

Knowing they can harm wildlife, it’s natural to wonder what the impact of these chemicals is on your family’s health. Unfortunately, your kids, pets, and guests are not immune to the potential health hazards of chemical grass treatments. 

When people and animals come into contact with them, whether it be through touching them on the grass or inhaling the particles in the air, they become at risk of a slew of health complications. Respiratory irritation, skin reactions, stomach upset, and even more serious conditions have been linked to exposure. Our artificial turf is always nontoxic and chemical-free to protect you and your family!

You’ll Spend Less on Maintenance 

Neglecting to fertilize or use pesticides on your natural grass will mean brown patches, insects, and weeds.  That means you need consistent maintenance just to keep your landscape in good condition.

Artificial turf installation is popular largely because it requires none of this effort. You’ll get your weekend landscaping time back and enjoy beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor spaces.

Turf Installation is Cost-Effective

All those lawn treatments have a cost associated with them, too. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides aren’t free – and don’t forget, you’re still spending money monthly on water usage and lawn mowing.

Arizona Luxury Lawns is proud to offer stunning, chemical-free landscaping that will have you wishing you replaced your natural grass sooner. From putting greens to sprawling landscapes, our team excels at all types of synthetic grass installations. Visit us online or call 480-991-0196 to get in touch with our staff!

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