4 Reasons to Have Backyard Artificial Grass

March 22, 2021

Whether on your balcony or in your backyard, artificial grass can make an excellent addition to your home’s outdoor space—especially as summer approaches.

With the weather heating up, many homeowners are looking for easy updates that they can make to get more utility out of their outside areas. And regardless of whether you’re working with a large backyard or a more limited balcony or terrace area, artificial grass can be the perfect way to not only ensure you’ll get more use out of your outdoor space but to also save yourself a ton of time and money on seasonal upkeep.

Summer is almost here, which means that now is the best time to start making the types of improvements that will help you make the most of it. Here are four reasons why artificial grass should be on the top of your list.

Why an Artificial Grass Carpet is One of the Best Summer Improvements

Artificial grass can turn any outdoor space into one of peace, comfort, and tranquility in as little as a single day of installation. And beyond that, there are plenty of other reasons to take the leap—including these big ones.

  • Free up your summer days. Fake grass upkeep is as easy as it gets. While live grass requires constant oversight and regular maintenance in the form of mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weeding, with artificial grass you get all of the benefits of a plush and attractive lawn without any of the regular tasks associated with keeping it that way (and the ongoing costs associated with them).
  • Cut down your water bill. Here in AZ, synthetic lawns aren’t just a time saver—they’re a major money saver, too. That hot desert sun is no friend to live grass, which easily wilts and dries out in its rays. To keep it healthy, you need to water it often and thoroughly, which can add hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars onto your summer water bills. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about watering a synthetic lawn, which means you can save money for everything else, including that all-important summer ice cream bill.
  • Create a place for kids and pets to play. When it comes to outdoor playground flooring, Arizona residents often prefer artificial grass to real grass, since it’s perfectly safe for both kids and pets to play on and poses no risk of pests or chemical additives. In addition, it can turn spaces that aren’t necessarily ideal for playing—such as a small balcony—into instant kid-friendly areas.
  • Enjoy a guaranteed healthy-looking lawn. Southwestern summers are known for having too much sun and too little rain, both of which wreak havoc on live grass. With artificial turf, you get peace of mind that your outdoor areas will always be looking their very best, no matter what the outdoor elements throw at them. Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your exterior space, with a quick improvement that offers a long-lasting aesthetic pay-off.

Ready to Make the Switch?

At Arizona Luxury Lawns, we have many years of experience working with homeowners to bring their dream outdoor spaces to life with artificial grass. We can work with you every single step of the way, from choosing the right type of turf for your needs to helping you manage your lawn after installation, and we guarantee your satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Have a question? Contact us today to learn more about how artificial grass can improve your backyard, balcony, or terrace area this summer, and get a free quote so you can get on your way to a better, more manageable lawn.

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