8 Great Uses for Commercial Artificial Turf

August 15, 2022

When people think of commercial artificial turf, they often associate it with the synthetic grass used for outdoor football and soccer fields. But the stuff has applications far beyond those in sports, especially in places like Arizona, where hot temperatures and water scarcity make it a preferred source of verdancy.

More and more, business and commercial property owners are using artificial grass to improve the aesthetics of their locations and cut down on maintenance costs. Here’s a look at eight ways that commercial properties are utilizing artificial turf:

8 Uses for Commercial Turf Installation

1. Apartment Complexes
Property owners and managers often turn to commercial turf installation companies when they want to provide residents with more green space while simultaneously saving water and cutting down on maintenance costs. This is especially true for apartment complexes in hot-weather communities, such as those found in Arizona, California, and Texas. These complexes rely on artificial grass to responsibly maintain lush year-round landscaping while also eliminating noise pollution caused by gas-powered lawnmowers. As a bonus: tenants will never have to worry about being woken up by the sound of a lawn mower again!

2. Dog Parks
Dog parks are increasingly being used by building contractors, city officials, apartment managers, and HOAs as a way to attract pet owners. The downside to that is that dogs can be messy and destructive, digging holes and leaving unsightly brown spots on the grass. That’s why so many businesses have opted for commercial artificial grass to make their dog parks as pet and human-friendly as possible. Not only is a turf installation capable of withstanding the digging and gnawing of multiple dogs, but with just a quick rinse with the hose, the area’s aesthetic and/or smell also won’t be affected, either.

3. Children’s Playground Areas
Safety is of the utmost concern for park managers and school principals considering the construction of a kid’s playground area. Compared to natural grass or mulch, there’s no debate that artificial turf is the best option. The surface is guaranteed to be level, it’s free of holes and roots, holds up well under high traffic, and doesn’t require any of the pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers that can be a serious irritant to children. Most importantly, commercial artificial grass for playgrounds can be outfitted with different densities of foam padding capable of protecting against spills and tumbles from up to eight feet!

4. Golf Courses and Driving Ranges
It takes an immense amount of time, effort, money, and water, to maintain a golf course. That’s why many course managers have begun installing commercial artificial turf to replace putting surfaces and, especially, on the driving range. Aside from the cost-savings, synthetic grass won’t dry up and harden during drought weather, and in milder climates, can even help extend the season.

5. Gyms and Athletic Fields
It’s becoming very common for gyms and indoor athletic facilities to install artificial turf in workout areas. It provides excellent traction and durability, making it great for sprints and various agility drills, and it’s capable of withstanding the wear and tear from dropped weights and high foot traffic. And when combined with high-density foam padding, synthetic turf makes an ideal area to practice high-impact sports such as wrestling and martial arts.

6. Communal Gathering Spaces
Having a commercial turf installation in a community gathering space, be it an apartment building, community center, or office space, is a great way to add a lush, organic-feeling space for co-workers or tenants to relax and hang out. Artificial grass works well indoors and outdoors, on balconies and rooftop decks, and even in the lounging areas surrounding pools.

7. Storefronts
Even if an area is small or doesn’t get much foot traffic, utilizing synthetic grass at your storefront can go a long way in giving the space an inviting, fresh feel. Plus, with all the things a small business owner has to handle on a daily basis, lawn maintenance shouldn’t be one.

8. Outdoor Restaurant Seating
Restaurants and breweries with outdoor eating areas are increasingly looking to artificial grass to spruce up their patios and bar areas. That’s because commercial turf management is more cost-effective, and synthetic grass provides an evergreen look and feel that’s ideal for these types of gathering environments.

If you’re looking to reduce maintenance costs and enhance the beauty and feel of commercial space, Arizona Luxury Lawns offers top-quality commercial artificial turf and a wealth of experience. Reach out to receive your free quote today!

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