Does Artificial Grass Fade?

January 12, 2022

As synthetic turf becomes a more and more popular addition to residential and commercial properties, many find themselves asking the question, does artificial grass fade or stain? While artificial grass does last a significantly longer time than natural grass, many factors go into its longevity and value, including materials, maintenance, and some good tips to know.

Artificial grass did at some point have a reputation of losing its color over time, but the material has come a long way since its invention. New innovations and products now allow for increased durability and protection from the elements, making synthetic turf a long-lasting feature that can add value to any property. So are you considering artificial grass for your property? If so, here’s all you need to know about how to make it last for the longest possible time.

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

Asking, “how long does artificial turf last?” is a tricky question. While advancements have certainly called for a longer lasting, better product overall, there are still other factors that can determine how long your fake grass will last. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality of Materials – This is arguably the most crucial factor to the longevity of artificial grass. When turf is made with basic plastic and other cheaper products, they are much more susceptible to wear and tear, including damage and fade after even just one to two years. However, when artificial turf is made with synthetic plastics such as polypropylene and nylon, they are significantly more durable. These materials are highly resistant to heat, as well as cold and the snow, making them a great choice for four-season locations. They are also stain-proof, allowing the turf to keep its vibrant colors for as long as possible.
  • Quality of Installation – Although you can certainly install synthetic turf yourself, a quality installation goes a long way into its longevity, and sometimes it’s best to leave it to professionals. A professional installation can make sure that there’s no overworking of the materials which may leave seams or creases, and that each section is smoothly placed to avoid bumps and gaps. A quality installation also helps protect against drainage issues, weed growth, and damage caused by other plants.
  • Maintenance – While maintenance is usually minimal for synthetic grass, there are still some things to keep in mind to ensure durability. From raking and rinsing, these maintenance techniques are easy to perform and aren’t needed very often. However, sometimes you may perform maintenance and see no results. To avoid any complications, there’s a handful of tricks to consider when preserving your turf.


How to Maintain Artificial Grass

The first main thing to keep in mind while maintaining your grass involves brushing and raking the infill. This will dislodge areas where the grass has become compacted due to high volume of activity, and help make the blades stand upright for a natural look. Another important factor is to occasionally rinse the grass from waste and dirt. This will help eliminate odors, prevent discoloration, and remove unwanted debris such as branches or leaves.

Sticky substances and pet waste are no friends to artificial turf. Sometimes items such as tree sap, chewing gum, and pet waste can leave stains or globs that seem impossible to remove. A great trick for these instances is to freeze the turf with some type of refrigerant, and then scrape the substance off. While this may not be fun, it’s arguably the best way to remove these items.

The Bottom Line

With proper care, and the highest quality materials, your synthetic turf can last between 10-20 years. Artificial grass is a fantastic way to improve the value of a home, as the long-term benefits cannot be overstated.

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