Hardscape Heaven: The Art of Custom Pavers and Patio Covers

December 27, 2023

If you’re looking for a great return on investment, custom pavers and patio covers are some of the best choices you can make for your home! From durability to customization, these additions to your outdoor living space have numerous benefits. Here’s what to know about creating your perfect hardscape heaven using pavers and pergolas!

Long-Lasting Paver Patios

Custom pavers are an excellent way to go if you want a long-lasting patio. They’re incredibly durable, stable and perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Pavers seldom crack or deteriorate, but when they do, you only have to replace the broken piece – not the whole patio. So, although they can run you a little more than poured concrete, they’re easier and far less expensive to repair.

Personalize Your Hardscapes

From size and shape to color and texture, today’s options for custom patio pavers are nearly endless. Our team of installation professionals will help you select the perfect combination of pavers for your new patio.

We work closely with each client to create beautiful hardscapes and pergolas uniquely tailored to their personal style. Known for our exceptional customer service, Arizona Luxury Lawns is your best choice for unique patio designs. 

Low-Maintenance and Low-Cost Benefits

High-quality hardscapes are the ideal way to save time and money on maintenance! Though they can be just as aesthetically beautiful as natural grass, flower beds or succulent gardens, custom pavers never require landscaping care. The cost of watering, mowing, and fertilizing adds up, which is why opting for a hardscape can save you thousands in the long run!

Custom pavers, in particular, are incredibly easy and inexpensive to upkeep. They’re crack-resistant and don’t require a seal, so you’ll need little more than the occasional power wash to keep your backyard pristine. 

Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

You shouldn’t have to choose between a beautiful backyard and a practical, low-maintenance outdoor living space. With Arizona Luxury Lawns, you don’t have to! We’ve mastered the art of creating stunning walkways, patios, pergolas and more. Just browse through our past hardscaping projects to see some of our craftsmanship!

No matter how big or small your next project is, we have the experience and capabilities to bring your dream outdoor spaces to life. Enjoy exceptional curb appeal, increased functionality and incredible customer service from start to finish. Give us a call at 480-991-0196 or contact us online to start the design process today.

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