Here’s Why You Should Install Artificial Grass in AZ to Help Improve Your Golf Skills

May 4, 2021

Artificial grass in AZ has become an extremely popular choice for countless homeowners across the state. This “fake” grass alternative, while requiring far less maintenance, can also help improve golfing skills for those who love to tee off!

Creating a space for golfing requires the right materials, and now more than ever, people are looking to artificial putting green turf for the answer. The benefits of synthetic grass comes in a nice, long list—and many golf lovers turn to this alternative source of yarding to spruce up their practice areas. In this article, we will explore these benefits and how they can improve your experience.

What is Artificial Putting Green Turf?

Synthetic grass has been around for ages, but it is growing in popularity as more people look for easier solutions. This helpful material gives you the power and look of a nice grassy area with a few additional perks. Fortunately, if you are looking for synthetic turf, Tucson knows to call our talented installation experts. You can enjoy your very own synthetic putting greens after a short installation!

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass For Golf

For ages, golfers have relied on well-kept putting greens with real grass. Though this can come with a nice look, it also forces owners to carry out a long list of maintenance efforts. When you rely on synthetic grass for golf, you can leave behind a lot of the maintenance concerns and focus on your game instead. Here’s just a few of its many benefits:

Improves Performance
Improving performance is an obvious win for any golfer. The last thing that anyone wants is to find themselves struggling with is uneven grass that presents an unpleasant surface to play on. With artificial putting green turf, you can always count on consistency. The grass won’t grow and change your experience. Instead, you can enjoy a completely similar experience every time.

Less Maintenance
Maintenance is one of the number one factors that determines whether or not someone invests in a synthetic putting green. While most golfers would love to have their own space to play, sometimes it simply isn’t worth it. With grass, the maintenance list can be extensive—and expensive too!

Common maintenance includes:

  • Regular Cutting
  • Daily Watering
  • Consistent Edging
  • Replacements When Damaged
  • Extensive Treatments
  • Given the lengthy maintenance list, many people go without. Fortunately, synthetic grass does not have these requirements. It does not need to be altered or maintained. After installation, the maintenance requirements are very small and infrequent.

Greater Durability
Grass, for all of its convenience and beauty, is also highly temperamental. It is susceptible to physical, as well as environmental damage. Something as simple as poor weather can leave your putting green in ruins when it is made with grass. A poor swing, excessive rain, or even pets can all damage grass. With artificial turf, you can enjoy consistent use without having to worry about the risks associated with grass.

Better Aesthetics
A lot of the maintenance that goes into tending grass is about aesthetics. There is a constant push to keep grass looking green, lush, and at a decent length. Artificial turf maintains itself and always looks the same. This means that your synthetic putting green will look as great on day one as it does a full year later.

Reduced Costs
Maintaining a traditional grass putting green is a costly expense. It requires consistent year-round upkeep, and often comes with surprise costs as well. Artificial turf, on the other hand, simply requires an upfront cost with minimum maintenance throughout the years as needed.

Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens

Using synthetic grass for golf can help you to work on your swing year-round without any additional hassles. It is an easy way to upgrade a home or business with plenty of long-term benefits. Our team at Arizona Luxury Lawns has been in the business for more than 45 years, and we’re always ready to begin installation.

To learn how you can benefit from synthetic grass, request a free quote today!

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