How Does Artificial Grass Measure Up to Arizona’s Desert Climate?

April 26, 2024

Landscaping renovations are a significant undertaking. Choosing the best materials for your local climate is one of the most critical factors in determining how to get the most out of your investment.

Nowadays, synthetic grass installation is one of the most popular options for home and business owners in Arizona. Here’s how artificial turf compares to other landscaping options!

Natural Grass vs. Artificial Turf 

Natural grass has been the default landscaping for centuries. It’s so ingrained in the culture that many homes and business owners don’t even consider that times are changing—and there are better options out there!

Modern artificial turf looks, feels, and functions nearly exactly the same as natural grass. But, unlike natural grass, it’ll never need to be watered or fertilized. In the arid Arizona climate, that distinction will save you thousands of water gallons annually.

How Will Arizona’s Climate Affect Your Synthetic Grass Installation? 

Arizona is known for its heat. With summer temperatures averaging over 100 F, you have to consider how any landscaping renovation will be affected by these extreme conditions.

Our artificial turf is designed specifically for the desert heat. Crafted with the most durable synthetic materials available and advanced UV-resistant technology, turf from Arizona Luxury Lawns is built for the Southwest. Our materials stay plush and perfectly pigmented no matter how high the temperatures climb.

How to Maintain Synthetic Turf in the Desert

You know you won’t need to water it, but what kind of upkeep will you need to do to maintain your artificial grass lawn in Arizona?

The most important step towards a long-lasting, flawless landscape is choosing the right synthetic grass installation team. A reputable, thorough contractor will ensure the base is even and the edges are properly secured, preventing a host of maintenance issues down the line.

After it’s installed, all you’ve really got to do is keep the surface clean. Besides picking up pet waste, the occasional brush with a plastic rake and a rinse with the garden hose is all you’ll need to maintain your landscape! It’s truly that easy.

How to Choose the Best Turf for Your Home or Business

We’ve worked in the turf business for decades, learning exactly what makes some turf look better and last longer than others. 

The biggest deciding factor? Great artificial turf is made in America.

Materials that are manufactured in the U.S. are held to a much more rigorous standard of testing than imported materials. That translates to more durable turf that is made to withstand all weather conditions and levels of foot traffic.

Our team excels at creating long-lasting, desert-friendly landscapes. Whether you’re re-doing your front lawn or designing a large commercial space, we’re the artificial turf installer you want for the job. Call 480-991-0196 or contact us online today.

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