How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

March 5, 2019

How long does artificial grass last? The answer is up to 20 years – longer than some people’s mortgages. This alone makes it an incredible value, as it is guaranteed not to fade or discolor, stays green all year long, and most importantly, it is 100% environmentally safe.

What Is Artificial Turf Made Out Of?

Our synthetic grass is comprised of a simple component commonly found in plastic bags and water bottles, in combination with a nylon support base. Using these materials allows our product to be manufactured 100% recyclable! All of the turf products we produce are made right here in the United States so you can feel good about the quality of our synthetic grass.

We offer synthetic grass for:

  • residential homes
  • commercial businesses
  • athletic fields
  • elementary schools
  • putting greens

We have an industry-leading customer satisfaction rate, and with a return on investment in about 3-5 years, putting green turf for your property will add value!

Unbeatable Savings!

Artificial turf is the ideal material for any Arizona backyard or playground. Without the need to ever water your lawn again, you’ll save thousands of gallons of water each year. Our grass is made to withstand all climates, so it won’t dry out even in a drought! Real grass gets doused with pesticides and chemicals that can potentially harm living things. Putting in fake grass for dogs, other pets, or even for your children will totally eliminate any safety concerns you have. We even figured out how to stop weeds from poking through! We’ve perfected our process to craft special blades of artificial grass for each type of consumer. Our product catalog includes all types you’re looking for whether it’s the amount of foot traffic, durability, realism, and even comfort and softness.

Ditch The Real Grass Today

Now that the holidays are over, Spring will be here before we know it. Say goodbye to your old landscapers and make spring cleaning easy with Arizona Luxury Lawns by cutting out those pesky lawnmowers, pesticide sprays, and water bills. When the weather heats up, your pets, children, and athletes will thank you for keeping a cool head and a cool lawn. Call now for a free quote and let us show you how you can transform your yard or field today!

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