How to Flatten Creases in Artificial Grass for a Flawless Lawn

November 15, 2022

With artificial grass, homeowners get a no-hassle, low-maintenance lawn that looks great year-round. That said, there are cases where the turf may warp or buckle, causing unsightly wrinkles. If this happens to you, don’t panic. In this article, we’ll discuss how to flatten creases in artificial grass that will spare you from having to replace your turf.

First of all, it’s important to remember that wrinkled turf is easier to prevent than to fix. That’s why professional synthetic grass installation is so crucial. An experienced installer will know how to properly lay out the infill and grass to eliminate any existing creases and reduce the likelihood of new ones forming.

Trust a Pro Who Knows How to Stretch Artificial Turf

So what causes creases in synthetic turf? Most commonly, creases are the result of three things. The manufacturing process, when the grass is measured, cut, then tightly wrapped for shipping, may produce lines or wrinkles. High temperatures can also cause creases, wrinkles, or lumps as heat expands the turf’s backing material. And incorrect ballast/infill placement, or generally failing to stretch and secure the sections properly, will lead to wrinkles.

Again, a professional installer will be aware of these factors and know the correct procedures for preventing creases. The answer to the question of how to fix lumpy artificial grass before installation basically comes down to three simple steps:

  1. Roll out the sections of turf and let them warm in the sun for an hour or so—installing artificial grass on a warmer rather than cooler day helps to prevent wrinkles.
  2. Brush the grass fibers on the affected spots to diminish the appearance of the crease. Especially near the edges, you may need to pull the section to flatten the creases.
  3. Flip the material over and stretch it. Your installer will know how to stretch artificial turf to get the best results. Let the section settle for a few minutes, and your artificial grass should be good to go.

Proper installation should prevent most instances of creasing. However, if imperfections do appear in your lawn, calling for professional repair may spare you having to refit the lawn with new material.

How Long Does It Take for Artificial Grass to Settle?

Once your synthetic grass is unwrapped and unrolled at your property, it will take some time for it to settle. The backing will have conformed to the roll it was packaged around prior to transit, and the grass fibers, at first, will be matted down.

If you can let the materials “rest” for a few hours, you’ll have an easier time achieving wrinkle-free installation. Ideally, if you had enough time and good weather conditions, you’d let the turf settle overnight. However, you can also use a carpet kicker and stretcher if you have only a few hours for your project. After installation, you can use a power brush or even a standard garden broom to get the artificial grass blades to stand up.

How to Get Creases out of Artificial Grass after Installation

When wrinkles appear after installation, the reason may be that the material is expanding and contracting in response to temperature changes. This is normal. These may go away on their own once the temperature becomes more moderate.

However, creases and lumps may also indicate that the turf was not adequately stretched, received insufficient infills, or lacks secure edging anchors. This is why we emphasize leaving your project with a reputable artificial grass company. Your best bet for dealing with post-installation creases—and for avoiding them in the first place—is to seek professional assistance.

Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens—The Preferred Source for Artificial Turf

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