How To Spot Reliable Artificial Turf Installers

March 11, 2020

Should you hire professional artificial turf installers when building your new lawn?

It’s true that artificial grass can instantly upgrade the look of any front yard and give homeowners that lush, green lawn of which they dream. The low maintenance requirements will save gas and water, creating a worthy investment that adds value to your house and relieves you of nearly all landscaping costs.

But getting your new lawn all laid out can be a daunting challenge if you’re planning on going at it alone. The installation process requires many additional components, materials, and some general knowledge of lawn construction. It’s better to let a professional handle it for you.


Why Go With Synthetic Turf Contractors

You may think watching a few YouTube videos or reading some DIY articles will help you save money on hiring synthetic turf contractors. But these resources lack the ability to teach experience or expertise, and chances are that not only will you mess up the installation, but the overall aesthetic appeal of your house will likely diminish.

It’s no rocket science, but there is a reason why artificial turf installers are in business. An installation takes them only a few hours — usually with a guarantee that everything is done in a proper manner. The money you spend on them will be worth it, and the turf will last for years, maybe decades.

Think of it this way, the turf you purchase is an investment that will save you money in the long run. If you care about your investments, then do them the right way. A simple job well-done is the difference between your home looking fresh and new or half put-together.


How To Choose The Right People

Here’s what you should keep in mind when hiring your installation team:

Protect Your Investment
The artificial grass comes with a warranty – for materials and workmanship – either by the manufacturer or the artificial grass suppliers.

Some installers also provide a warranty on the installation process. To protect your investment, you need both warranties to remain worry-free.

Do Your Research
There are many contractors that can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your front yard. Do your research and learn about the business, the services they offer, and assess how good of a job they can do at your house.

Our installers at Arizona Luxury Lawns are experts at what they do. They can even guide you on what the best option is for your house — and how to achieve the look you want for your lawn.

Talk To Customers
Turn to social media platforms and read reviews on services and assess which installers seem to care the most about their customers.

The business’ social media page may have testimonials from past customers, which can help you make a more informed decision. Customer reviews are important in this kind of service industry, so you should be able to find some reviews.

You can also try asking neighbors, friends, or employees at your local home improvement stores for recommendations on installers and artificial grass suppliers.


Key Takeaway

An artificial turf instantly improves the look of your house and makes your front and backyard stand out. It adds a lively feel to your home and requires no upkeep, which gives you years of mental peace.

Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens is a leading company in the southwest and has been serving satisfied customers for over 45 years now. You can choose from our vast selection of artificial turf and expect the best installation that is sure to woo your neighbors!

So whether you want to put lush fake grass in your backyard or want to make your front yard more welcoming — Reach out to us today.

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