Important Safety Tips To Consider When Having a Fire Pit on Artificial Grass

August 11, 2021

Have you been concerned about using your fire pit on artificial grass? Let us put your mind at ease: the material of synthetic lawns is not flammable. However, this simple fact doesn’t make your pristine green invincible, and certain care is required when it comes to red-hot home entertainment. From situating your fire pit in an optimal position in your yard to creating a sheltered space for flammable materials, here are foolproof strategies to keep you, your loved ones, and your gorgeous faux lawn safe.

How to Place Artificial Turf Around the Fire Pit

When plotting the layout of your lawn, there are important considerations when placing artificial turf around the fire pit. Or, better yet, it may be more useful to plan how to situate your fire pit safely around your preexistent artificial lawn. Though synthetic turf is not flammable and will not spread a fire, burning ashes can still cause concern. They can damage small patches of your beautiful lawn. Who wants to taint that amazing, green look? Before you place your fire pit, here are some important considerations:

First things first, do some local research. Does your area allow fire pits? Some municipalities do not allow fire pits, or if they do, they require proof of insurance coverage from your homeowner’s policy. Furthermore, there may be certain limitations, such as only allowing gas-run fire pits as opposed to wood. The latter creates more heat.

Arrange an optimal area. Unlike artificial grass, organic greenery can catch fire. Be sure to trim away hanging branches and overgrown shrubs from the area where you plan to place your fire pit.

Create some distance. Creating a barrier between your artificial grass and fire pit will help you to maintain your turf lawn for decades to come. Additionally, a fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from buildings and other structures.

Build a safe base. This is an important step. Do not build your new fire pit on top of your artificial grass. Use fire-resistant materials, such as brick or stone (not wood!), to create a foundation. Check out some of our fire pit placements with our residential clients to achieve an elegant look.

Keep flammable items far away. Particularly, if you choose a wood-burning fire pit, create a separate storage area for wood for safety.

Take each of these steps and you’ll be ready to install your fire pit for year-round use!

How to protect artificial grass from a fire pit

With over 45 years of combined experience in the turf industry, we have garnered a number of sure-fire tips on how to protect your artificial grass from a fire pit. Now that your lawn is ready for fire pit installation, there are a few more easy precautions to take for when the flames get hot:

Ask questions when purchasing! When purchasing a fire pit, ask your salesperson about extra safety accessories that you can use with your fire pit.

Install a screen. To control the flame and protect you and your family, a covering can be a great option for everyday use, while still creating growing warmth.

Use a grill top. One of the most desirable features about a fire pit is that you can leisurely cook around it! Hot dogs or marshmallows, anyone? A grill top provides a safe barrier while also providing a flexible cooking surface, safe for kids and fun for adults.

Bonus safety: Keep extinguishers nearby. It is always advisable to keep a fire extinguisher at hand when working with open flames. Also, put that lawn hose to good use and protect your artificial grass from the fire pit in case of a tough situation.

Our turf experts at Arizona Luxury Lawns are here to help you with all of your backyard needs. Check out our further maintenance tips for your artificial lawn to keep your outdoor time low-maintenance, safe, and relaxing.

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