Is Artificial Grass Safe? (and Answers to Other Common Misconceptions)

November 19, 2020

Is artificial grass safe? We get a lot of questions like this from many people who are just starting to consider switching over to artificial grass for their homes. So, to clear up any confusion, we thought we’d put together a quick guide to common misconceptions regarding having an artificial lawn, with plenty of need-to-know info that can help you ensure you’re making the best choice for your home, or commercial property. Let’s get to it.


Misconception #1: Artificial grass isn’t safe

The truth: Artificial grass is incredibly safe for both children and pets! While old varieties of residential and commercial artificial turf used toxic substances (including lead) for the infill, today’s high-quality artificial turf is made with safety in mind and helps you avoid needing to use harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers on your lawn. To ensure you get a non-toxic, lead-free variety, be sure to work with a qualified company and to ask what materials are used for infill.


Misconception #2: Artificial grass doesn’t look good

The truth: On the contrary, well-made artificial grass is durable and bright, and offers a year-round lawn without the need for costly and time-intensive maintenance.


Misconception #3: Artificial grass isn’t good for dogs

The truth: Artificial grass is great for dogs, since it offers superior drainage and is super easy to keep clean. You also don’t have to worry about patches of dead grass caused from dog urine.


Misconception #4: Artificial grass gets too hot

The truth: While artificial grass does absorb heat more readily than natural grass, there are lots of things that you can do to limit how hot it gets, including opting for lighter colors, planting trees for shade, and having a subsurface cooling system installed. Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about the best artificial grass for Arizona heat.


Misconception #5: Artificial grass is bad for the environment

The truth: Artificial grass is an inherently eco-friendly choice, requiring none of the water usage or chemicals that natural grass does. And because it’s typically made with recycled materials, you don’t have to worry about waste in production either.


Misconception #6: Artificial grass fades over time

The truth: High quality artificial grass is made with UV inhibitors that protect against fading. Ask about warranties too, which offer a replacement if your grass fades in the first 10 years or so.


Misconception #7: Artificial grass is expensive

The truth: While upfront costs tend to be higher than they are with sod, they pay for themselves in about three to five years with the amount you save in maintenance and upkeep.


Premium Fake Grass Installation

When it comes to artificial turf, residential Arizona customers know that Arizona Luxury Lawns is the one to call. We offer the highest quality artificial grass with all of the assurance that you need that you’re getting a safe, sustainable, and beautiful lawn. Contact us today for a free quote and for answers to any additional questions that you may have, including questions about our installation process, our products, and our warranties.

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