Paver Installation Tips: DIY vs. Professional Services

September 26, 2023

DIY projects can be fun, but when it comes to your patio, it’s best to leave things to the pros! On top of risking your back, installing your own hardscapes will often leave you unhappy with the results. Below are the top four ways that hiring a professional paver installation team will pay off.

Professionals Keep Your Paver Installation Within Budget

Though the paver installation process may seem simple, there’s more to hardscaping than meets the eye. From calculating how much sand you’ll need beneath the pavers to figuring out framing, piping and leveling, DIYing your paver installation will end up costing you more time and money than it’s worth.

In contrast, experienced hardscape contractors have the knowledge and connections to keep your project within budget. We’ll get the job done faster, smoother and more cost-effectively so you can start enjoying your new patio sooner!

Experience Helps the Design Process Flow Smoothly

You could try to work out the perfect patio design on pen and paper – or you could turn to the pros to create an accurate rendering of your space and quickly turn out a beautiful design. The experts at Arizona Luxury Lawns have the tools and expertise to turn your vision into something incredible, saving you time, energy and excess materials in the process.

Professional-Grade Tools Ensure a Flawless Result

Unless you’re a professional contractor, you likely don’t have the specialized tools and equipment to install a patio on the fly. Doing hardscaping yourself requires you to either rent expensive equipment or attempt to complete the project without it, leading to subpar results.

Professional hardscape installers have the wet tile saws, compactors, cutters, studs and other essential tools needed to create a seamless patio installation. We have the tools and training to make the patio you envision a reality –  no hassle or costly equipment rentals needed.

The Right Paver Installers Save You Time and Money

Your home is your most important asset – don’t take chances when it comes to your contractor! Choosing an excellent contracting team is the key to getting the most out of your yard renovations. Attempting a DIY hardscape or hiring an inexperienced team can lead to drawn-out installations, unsatisfactory results and even shelling out for do-overs. 

We’re proud to provide Arizona with exceptional service and stunning hardscapes. Through our sister company, Luxe Outdoor Design Group, we’re able to offer high-quality concrete patios, driveways, pergolas and more. Contact us today and start building the landscape you’ve always envisioned.

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