Paws and Play: Creating Pet-Friendly Turf Spaces

December 27, 2023

Your backyard is your dog’s favorite place to be, so of course, you keep them in mind during landscaping renovations! Today, artificial grass installers are skilled at creating outdoor spaces that are perfect for pets of all sizes. 

From infill to installation, the Arizona Luxury Lawns team has compiled everything you need to know about designing a pet-friendly lawn.

Choose a Durable, High-Quality Pet Turf

Quality is key with artificial grass landscaping, and it’s even more important when you have pets. Dogs will run, play and dig on your lawn as much as they can, so make sure to choose durable turf with high pull-force resistance.

At Arizona Luxury Lawns, we’re known for our commitment to high-quality, American-made artificial grass. Our turf products are ISO 9000 certified, meaning they meet the strictest standards for quality control. 

Ask About Drainage

One of the most important factors when choosing synthetic grass for your pets is drainage. Efficient drainage will quickly eliminate liquid waste, minimizing odors and preventing bacteria growth.

Our pet turf has a highly effective drainage system to keep your backyard fresh. All you’ll need to do is pick up solid waste, give it the occasional rinse with the garden hose, and enjoy your new landscape!

Hire a Skilled Artificial Turf Installation Team

Investing in high-quality materials is no good if you don’t hire a skilled artificial turf installation contractor. A secure installation job is pivotal to preventing your pets from pulling up the edges of your new lawn and ruining its seamless appearance.

Look for a local synthetic grass installer with a reputation for quality workmanship. The right team will ensure your new landscape not only looks seamless and even but can withstand years of use from your pets!

Finish Your Pet Turf With Antimicrobial Infill

Infill is just as important as any other part of artificial grass installation! Infill serves several vital functions: keeping the blades upright, ensuring proper drainage, and eliminating odors.

Today, artificial turf infill is made from nearly a dozen different materials, some more suited to pet use than others. We recommend avoiding crumb rubber – although it tends to be more inexpensive than other options, it absorbs heat from the sun and can make your lawn too hot for sensitive paws. 

Instead, look for options with an antimicrobial coating to help kill bacteria and eliminate the infamous ammonia scent that comes with pet urine. Coated sand or silica granules are both excellent choices for homeowners with four-legged friends!

Arizona Luxury Lawns will help you create your perfect pet paradise with our superior pet turf. Give us a call at 480-991-0196 or contact us online to start your next outdoor project today.

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