Top 10 Uses for Residential Artificial Turf

June 15, 2022

The popularity of residential artificial turf has been on the rise for over a decade now, particularly in the southwestern U.S., where unrelenting heat and drought conditions make having a natural lawn impractical and expensive. The increase in popularity can largely be attributed to advances in artificial grass technology. Long gone are the days of shiny, plastic-looking turfs. In addition to being virtually maintenance-free, today’s synthetic grass looks and feels so natural that it can often be difficult to tell the difference between the two.

As people turn to artificial grass for homes, many are finding new and creative ways to utilize synthetic turf in these residential spaces. With that in mind, here’s a look at our ten favorite residential uses for artificial turf:

Top 10 Applications of Artificial Turf for Residential Use

1.Children’s Play Areas

There are numerous benefits to laying down artificial turf for residential use. For instance, parents utilizing it in children’s play areas or backyard playgrounds have found it a safer alternative to traditional grass or mulch. With their holes, roots, and uneven surfaces, natural lawns can be a tripping hazard and lead to sprains, strains, or even broken bones.

Artificial lawns, on the other hand, provide a perfectly smooth lawn to play on. Additionally, you can place lawn padding made of high-density foam under the turf to cushion falls as high as 8 feet, providing parents some additional peace of mind. If all that weren’t enough—no more muddy, grass-stained clothes to wash!

2. Dog Runs and Potty Areas

There may not be a more popular use for residential artificial grass than as pet turf. Not only do our furry friends love romping and lounging on the lush, chemical-free artificial lawn, but you also won’t have to deal with the unsightly brown spots caused by pet urine. In addition, artificial lawns can withstand digging and gnawing. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about mud or dirt being tracked through the house

3. Front and Backyard Lawns

Everyone desires a perfectly manicured green lawn all season long. In states like Arizona, Texas, and California, where the weather is hot and dry and water is becoming more and more scarce, the use of artificial grass for residential yards is more popular than ever. Even in regions where natural lawns are more practical, the thought of spending the weekends mowing, weeding, and edging often causes people to look for artificial alternatives.

With residential artificial turf, you cannot only dramatically reduce your water bill but also rid yourself of lawn mowing duties for good.

4. Backyard Sports Fields

If you have the space and want to add a small backyard sports field for football, soccer, or even bocce ball, there’s no better option than a life-like synthetic turf. The playing surface will always be level and free of any tripping hazards; wet weather won’t muddy up the field, and you can also line the field without having to repaint every time you mow the yard.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Putting Green

It is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to create your own backyard putting green out of a natural lawn, which is why so many golf enthusiasts turn to artificial grass, both indoors and out. Even different varieties of artificial turf for residential use can simulate the difference between the rough and the green.

6. Home Office & Indoor Living Spaces

Artificial grass works great as a rug or floor covering to give your interior spaces a pop of color and a more organic feel.

7. Paths & Walkways

One great use of artificial grass for residential yards is incorporating it as a path to different outdoor spaces such as the garage or playground.

8. Balconies, Decks & Patios

Nothing provides an outdoor entertaining area with a more natural greenspace feel than a luxuriant carpet of artificial turf.

9. Swimming Pool Decks

Natural grass and chlorinated pool water are a bad mix. On the other hand, a synthetic lawn provides a cooler, slip-resistant surface for wet, bare feet.

10. Hillsides

Artificial grass for homes with steep inclines on the property is a great idea, as it has the dual benefit of easy maintenance and soil erosion control.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to incorporate artificial turf for residential use. If you’re considering joining the millions of people who have turned to synthetic grass for use in their homes, either inside or out, for sports or aesthetics, then contact Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens to receive a free quote today.

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