Types Of Artificial Grass

July 15, 2022

There are many different types of artificial grass to choose from, so it’s important to be aware of the differences before making a purchase. Between the various material types, lengths, colors, and other aspects to keep in mind, buying the right turf is a lot more than what simply looks better. Let’s take a closer look at the differing types of artificial grass, their uses, and what makes them a more practical option than others.

What Is The Best Artificial Grass?

It may seem like a simple question, but knowing the best artificial grass requires a fair amount of knowledge regarding the different types and what would accompany your needs the best. Perhaps the best place to begin is to identify and analyze the three main artificial grass material types:

  • Nylon – This material is the strongest type of artificial grass available on the market. It boasts incredible durability and heavy resistance to high temperatures without losing its shape or getting matted down. Nylon can also withstand excessive weight, making it a viable option when a good amount of features will be placed on top, such as furniture, fixtures, etc. It isn’t the most comfortable material, but it requires little maintenance and will look great for long periods of time. However, one of its most glaring cons is its high cost. This makes it a less desirable option for backyards or landscaping, though it does work well for personal putting greens. Instead, nylon is fantastic when used as a secondary thatch to improve durability, sturdiness, and structure when paired with other artificial grass materials.
  • Polypropylene – This plastic-based chemical was once considered a perfect synthetic material for artificial turf. It looked most similar to real grass and used sand as its infill. This allowed for better traction and the ability to be made into different colors. It is one of the least expensive artificial grass materials, but it’s also one of the least durable. As such, it doesn’t do so well with extensive foot traffic and has a very low melting point, making it more susceptible to damage and wear. However, its softness does present a viable option for putting greens, indoor applications, or areas that won’t be prone to excessive heat.
  • Polyethylene – This final artificial grass material is far more durable and feels much more natural than the other two types. Its costs are certainly high, but overall, polyethylene might be the answer to the question of what the best artificial grass is. Polyethylene turf looks incredibly real, and is perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s landscaping/edging, pool areas, sports fields, or even entire lawns, it is a versatile option that will hold up to extended use without looking worn out. It also requires little maintenance other than occasional raking or brushing, and unwanted materials or liquids can easily be washed out. If your budget allows for a higher quality product, polyethylene might be your most optimal choice.

Buying the Right Turf Length

Another aspect to remember when buying the right turf is the length, which can be either short, medium, or long. Here are some of the reasons why different lengths may be ideal for you:

  • Short – Turf shorter than 30mm may not look as real as other fake grasses, but it does boast some desirable traits. For instance, it’s great for pets such as dogs since it will be less rough on their paws, and it is, of course, the ideal choice for a putting green.
  • Medium – This 30mm to 37mm length range is great for multi-use backyards, both to look the part and provide increased durability without appearing matted down.
  • Long – Some people may feel that a longer turf will look better on a lawn as it appears more real, but lengths above 37mm can come to look matted, on top of being excessively heavy. However, longer-length turf gives room for more infill and, thus, a superior shock absorption quality.

The bottom line is that it really comes down to your needs regarding artificial turf. There are reasons to use all three material types and lengths, making it even more important to know what to expect before making purchases.

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