Luxe Designer Ultra Elite

Are you searching for a lush landscaping option that won’t require extensive upkeep? If you said yes, then Luxe Designer Ultra Elite synthetic grass is the solution you need! This variety of synthetic turf features dual field green and field apple green blade tones paired with tan and green thatch to create an appearance comparable to the best-maintained natural grass. Luxe Designer Ultra Elite is made using Omega fiber, known for its durability and soft, realistic feel. Additionally, Luxe Designer Ultra Elite boasts a 1.75-inch pile height and a 75-ounce face weight, making it suitable for moderate to heavy amounts of foot traffic. This type of synthetic grass is created with a special UV inhibitor which ensures that it will withstand exposure to the sun and keep its beautiful green hue year-round. Luxe Designer Ultra Elite boasts a strong polyurethane backing that offers greater seam strength and durability, as well as a nonabsorbent backing that is perforated and coated in a clear, permeable urethane. This permeable backing lets water move through it and drain into the ground at the highest drainage rate available on the market. With a drainage rate of over 400 inches per hour per square yard, Luxe Designer Ultra Elite is a perfect option for four-legged friends, children, and commercial projects alike.

Great For:

Residential Use
Commerical Use
Safe for Pets
Playground Safe
Lead Free
RoHS Compliant
10 Year Warranty
Made In America

Product Features

  • Natural Aesthetic
  • UV Stabilization
  • Superior Drainage
  • Better Seam Strength
  • Heat and Frost Resistant
  • Proudly American Made

Artificial Turf Installations

Why choose Turf?

Boost Curb Appeal

All of our American-made artificial turf products emulate the beautiful visuals of natural grass, providing your home with the best in landscaping aesthetics while increasing your property value. Become the envy of your neighborhood with an evergreen lawn aesthetic that is pet-friendly and child-friendly while requiring minimal maintenance – bringing back your weekends!

Save Time & Money on Maintenance

Artificial grass will bring back your weekends, as there is no need for mowing, trimming, watering, or fertilizing! As synthetic turf is designed to be low-maintenance and look great all year long, rest assured that you will save time and money by making the switch.

Save Water and Resources

Our planet is full of precious resources that we want to save. By switching to synthetic grass, you are saving water and helping to save the planet, as you will no longer need your lawnmower or fertilizer for your lawn – all while still enjoying a lush green yard year-round!

Our turf is built to last and it’s got a 10-year manufacturing warranty to prove it.

While other turf installers’ artificial grass comes with a pro-rated manufacturing warranty, all turf we install comes with a 5-year installation warranty and a 10-year -non-prorated manufacturing warranty on all landscape turf products.


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