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Synthetic Grass, Scottsdale, Arizona and other locations, are available for installation from Arizona Luxury Lawns!

Through years of research and development, synthetic grass has become the high quality material we know today for most artificial grass installation. Phoenix, AZ and beyond go thru intense droughts, and our turf is made to withstand any climate! Arizona Luxury Lawns offers a 8-year manufacturer and a 5-year installation warranty to customers for our synthetic lawns and artificial Phoenix lawns.

More than that, every product Arizona Luxury Lawns uses for your residential or commercial space is American-made and hand-picked for its excellence and superiority in the market. Read below to find out more information about our products. 

What's in Synthetic Grass?

The actual green blade of synthetic grass is comprised of a polyethylene material, a common form of plastic that can be found in items such as bottles and plastic bags. The polyethylene comes in a solid pellet form and is heated down along with any color tones and UV resistant additives.

The thatch layer of synthetic grass is made from a polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon material. The thatch layer provides the turf with an added layer of support and blade recovery. Synthetic grass blades are inserted into the backing in rows through a tufting machine, which is basically a huge sewing machine with hundreds of needles. This machine gives the grass blades and thatch a more secure hold which also increases the turf's life and durability. 

What Color Should I Use?

The grass is not always greener... it can be pink, blue, black, tan or brown! Whether you want to choose commercial AstroTurf or a residential artificial lawn, the color process is all the same. 
A turf's color tone is often incorporated in pellet form with the polyethylene base pellets. The two are melted together and then extruded into faux grass. Many sports teams have utilized color synthetic grass in the past for logos and fields. However, more and more people get creative with incorporating color turf into certain landscapes, playgrounds, and poolside scenes. A touch of color can add a vibrant touch to any application or product.

Does BLADE SHape Make a Difference? 

Synthetic grass can be created with many colors, heights, and even shapes. Each serves a different purpose and creates a different effect for your artificial lawn.

 • Oval-shaped fibers: these fibers feel soft to the touch while still maintaining durability. 

• Diamond de-lustered shape: maintains a soft but sturdier feel. It works ideally as a landscape grass for commercial and residential areas. 
 • Vista blade: shaped like the letter 'V', this allows for the turf, as a whole, to be more durable.

• 'W' fiber: can withstand large amounts of pressure. This blade offers multiple support points which allows for a better “memory" effect. 

• Flattened Oval with Spine: gives turf a realistic appearance and creates a stronger blade core. 

• Omega blade: found most often in pet turfs as well as shorter pile heights. We offer exclusive Zeofill pet infill systems for customers concerned about pet odors when installing artificial turf.

• Mini C-shaped blade: gives the turf a natural look and helps the grass feel soft to the touch. 

• Mini "W" blade shape: used widely for areas with high foot traffic, the Mini W blade is ideal for any playgrounds, sports fields, or landscapes.

• "M" shaped blade: used primarily for areas that experience high amounts of foot traffic.



What is Infill?

 In the turf world, there are many different types of infill and each one serves a different purpose. An infill is a layer comprised of sand used on top of the turf between the fibers. Listed here are the top three infill types used for synthetic turf installation:

• Slag: Smooth sided dark grey/ black completely inert product. This product unlike sand does not absorb any pet urine and odors. This product is dark grey and black and is invisible when compared to white sand commonly used for artificial turf systems. Slag has a higher density and thus does a better overall job in giving your turf system weight and ballast.

• Durafill: This an acrylic coated sand and most widely used by installers for its non-abrasive and anti-microbial properties. Not only does Durafill inhibit the growth of bacteria within the turf, the green color blends in with the blades. Because of the outer coating, it will not harm the turf. Once the sand granule is coated with the green acrylic, the outer layer eliminates the angular outer edges, which can be abrasive for synthetic grass. Large granule is primarily used for a typical installation as opposed to small granule, which is utilized in putting greens.

• Sand: This is most commonly comprised of a quartz base and comes in large and small granule sizes. The large granules are used primarily for any standard installation, whereas the smaller granule sized sand is used as infill for most synthetic putting greens.

How Does Weather Affect Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass is often found in areas with extreme climates because it is a more consistent landscape that will maintain durability and does not require constant upkeep. This is especially true of commercial or residential areas that desire the sought-after “manicured” appearance. Additionally, if the weather gets too hot, a simple water spray will cool down grass in just a few seconds.  

Arizona Luxury Lawns knows that AstroTurf and artificial lawns are truly the superior option for dry climates or areas that experience large amounts of rainfall. If the environment experiences snowy conditions, our synthetic grass can handle that as well! 

Here is some additional information about our synthetic turf:

  • Backing: two layers of 13 pic polybac

  • Secondary coating: 20 oz. urethane

  • Perforations: perforations are standard for our synthetic grass because they aid in drainage

  • All grasses are 1-3/4" pile except AZ Pro Field, which is 2-1/2"

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